Vision Statement

Kaye College is an institution for higher education specializing in teacher education and the professional development of educators at every stage of their profession. Kindergarten teachers, elementary and secondary school teachers, and special education teachers find a home at Kaye College, from initial teacher education to disciplinary specialization and continuing personal and organizational learning. In this capacity, the College functions as a center for research, study and educational innovation.

Kaye College regards teaching knowledge as unique academic knowledge that is based on experience and the ability to learn, interpret and conceptualize it.

Teacher education, like every type of learning, is an ongoing process of building knowledge (theoretical, ethical and conceptual) within the social and cultural context in which it is formed. Teachers further the educational process on the basis of an ongoing dialogue with their students, their colleagues and the community in which they work. The educational environment that exists in the College reflects this principle. Teacher education is directed towards the construction of "practical knowledge," combining three dimensions: academic literacy and theoretical knowledge in instructional disciplines and in education (the dimension of "the head"); commitment and caring for the individual and for the community (the dimension of "the heart"); and the skills to promote teaching and learning (the dimension of "the hand").

Kaye College is part of the fabric of educational life in the south of Israel. We regard education as a social mission and the teachers as educators who are capable of dealing with important social questions and leading processes which narrow the gaps and promote tolerance of diversity in a democratic and multi-cultural society. The College seeks to build a community of educational leaders, people who take initiative and can speak with a voice that imparts a character of pioneering and innovative activity.

Kaye Academic College of Education is the leading academic institution in the south of Israel for teacher education and professional development of educators, serving both the Jewish and Bedouin populations of the Negev. The College functions as a center for research, study and educational innovation.

We provide these promising teachers with advanced academic knowledge, broad practical experience and skills in a multicultural and multi-lingual environment.

We prepare teachers who will take the initiative to become leaders in their schools and in their communities. By doing so, we are building the foundation for a new generation of educators who will have a positive impact in both educational and communal ventures in the Negev.

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