The Junior High School Education Program

Dr. Vered Yeflach Wishkerman
 Head of the Program
Dr. Vered Yeflach Wishkerman Head of the Program

The Junior High School Education Program

The Junior High School Education Program includes both Jewish and Bedouin students from eight departments: Mathematics, English, Science, Literature, Bible Studies, Hebrew and Arabic Language Departments.

The program teachers see a necessity of integrating theoretical knowledge of students into the discipline of teaching. Our teacher-educators apply Project-Based- Learning (PBL) in their courses and also involve student-teachers in innovative teaching methods within the schools via PBL.

Both the students and the teachers of the Junior High School Education Program consider it to be their mission to narrow the educational gaps and to build a community of leaders in education in the southern region.


A student's testimonial:

Eden Kedoshim, a 3rd-year student in the Science Track for high school:

"Studies in the Science specialization in the training program for high school include acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the field of science, and in the field of education  – practical teaching at school, laboratories as well as going on educational field trips. The different and varied courses have connected for me the two worlds, of science and education, and created a unique learning experience. Each student in the program has a pedagogical instructor and a coaching teacher and is accompanied and guided regularly during his/her practical teaching at the school. The practical teaching was very meaningful for me since it taught me a lot by giving me many varied tools for teaching and a lot of pedagogical knowledge. In the practical experience, I learned hands-on how to teach the science profession in diverse ways which were relevant to 21st-century pupils, while combining higher thinking skills, creativity, and, of course, fun."

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