Growth Resource: Kaye Novice Teachers Induction Unit

Dr. Haya Kaplan, Head of the Unit
Dr. Haya Kaplan, Head of the Unit

Growth Resource: Kaye Novice Teachers Induction Unit

Kaye Novice Teachers Induction Unit supports and accompanies new kindergarten and elementary school teachers during their first years of teaching: the internship year, first and second years of teaching. In addition, the Unit trains teachers as instructors and mentors via specially designated courses.

The Unit serves approximately 600 teachers per year who are at the beginning of their professional careers. In addition, it is a base for approximately 500 instructors and mentors, both those participating in the training courses and those already working as instructors and mentors.

Established in 2012, the Unit works in cooperation with the Training School and the School of Professional Development, both divisions of the Kaye Academic College of Education.

The Unit is founded upon the importance of continuity in professional development and of addressing the unique needs of teachers at the beginning of their careers in education. Our vision is to contribute to the formation of the teacher’s identity as an autonomous, self-determined, proactive, self-starting and creative professional – teachers who recognize their own strengths and resources and who can utilize them in their work. We incorporate various modern educational and theoretical approaches and unique tools, including: the self-determination theory, positive psychology, learning from successes and appreciative inquiry (using narratives), exploration and career development processes, self-presentation and action research.

Overall Objectives include:

  • Promoting teacher identity construction and autonomous motivation among teachers.
  • Minimizing burnout among teachers and the rate of teachers who leave the profession within the first years of teaching.

The Unit’s Objectives:

  • To accompany the teacher through a developmental process of professional identity construction during their first years of teaching.
  • To strengthen the teacher’s self-determination: development of capability, reinforcement of the feeling of belonging and enhancing independence in teaching.
  • To create a support system specifically addressing the professional development process, as a follow-up stage to the years of professional training.
  • To create a supportive professional community that fosters dialogue between colleagues, promotes constructivism and assists in creating the tools necessary for entering a new kindergarten or school.
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