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Project IN2IT

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During the years 2015-2018 Kaye College participated in an international EU funded three-year project titled IN2IT (Internationalization by Innovative Technology). Project IN2IT offered an innovative approach to effectively address the need for internationalization in higher education institutions (HEIs).

​The project aims at developing and implementing an innovative technological infrastructure and a sustainable technological platform for the purpose of advancing internationalization in higher education, and thereby to expand the practical applications of internationalization in Israeli academic colleges; to strengthen the capacities for teaching, learning, research and training; and to improve the quality and positioning of Israeli state-funded academic colleges of higher education.

The technological platform developed within the framework of the project is planned to support three major academic activities aimed at promoting academic international relations:

  • Development and delivery of multidisciplinary international curricula by international academic teams to enrich teaching and learning in the classroom and at home. Development of multidisciplinary studies––which promote open-minded, critical and innovative thinking––by international teams will result in glocalized (i.e., global and local) curricula that integrate global and local aspects. It is planned that the developed curricula will be supported by teaching materials to be used with modern teaching technologies such as Web2 tools, MOOCs, e-learning, webinars, videoconferencing, etc.
  • Development and implementation of international interactive online knowledge sharing hubs for subject matter experts in order to promote knowledge exchange and maintain an arena for initiation and management of joint research projects. The knowledge sharing hubs will be used by communities of practice of academic and administrative staff to streamline the international dimensions by modern applications such as social networks or file sharing utilities.
  • Development and employment of international academy-industry cooperation that will be performed with the collaboration of global companies to facilitate enhancement of the skills and employability of students in the global era. Advanced students will participate in the academy-industry joint initiatives, which will be enhanced by ICT-based tools, to acquire competencies required for global citizens.
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