Project TOOLS

Project TOOLS

TOOLS-Technologically enhanced online opportunities for language learning in inclusive education


The ultimate aim of the project is to raise EFL pre-service and in-service teachers awareness of educational inclusion issues in mainstream education, promote social inclusion among   “learners from multicultural backgrounds”, who may find themselves in conflict situations, learners who study in multicultural groups without a considerable previous multicultural experience, enhance the quality of teacher training in social and cultural inclusion and develop their ICT competencies to make this goal attainable. The main project outcomes are the materials for teachers and the course offered in blended-learning and e-learning modes.

Participating Organizations:

University of Opole, Poland

Center for Teachers  Professional Development, Opole, Poland

University of Cyprus

Vic University, Vic, Spain

University of Muenster, Germany

Center for Teachers  Professional Development, Muenster, Germany

Kaye Academic College of Education, Beer-Sheva, Israel

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