The Research Authority

The Research Authority

The Research Authority is dedicated to promoting a culture of research among the College faculty and advancing the College as a learning organization that generates new information.

This is achieved by:

  • Encouraging teachers at the College to conduct research that advances their professional development;
  • Researching and evaluating scholastic and social processes, pedagogical innovation, projects and circumstances. Viewing the College as an organization that studies its own activities and progresses using the research-based knowledge it collects;
  • Analyzing relationships that exist between the College and its educationally-oriented surroundings – partner schools, regional projects, implementation of reforms;
  • Enhancing cooperation with Israeli and international external entities (research institutions, development companies) for research purposes.

The Research Authority advances the professional development of its faculty members in the field of research methodology. It facilitates cooperation between researchers at the College on specific areas of interest and organizes activities and events to exchange information about those experiences and research results. The Authority collaborates with researchers from Israeli and international educational institutions and leads college-wide and international research projects.

Organizing Collaborative Study Events

In 2012, the College held a year-long workshop entitled “Methodological Aspects of Researching Education and Teacher Training.” The workshop provided the faculty with an enrichment program about research methods and data analysis. (For additional details)

In 2013, the Research Authority, in conjunction with the School of Advanced Graduate Studies, organized a college-wide research seminar. Six sessions were held over the course of the year during which lecturers from the College and guest lecturers presented their research projects and discussed contemporary issues related to their research findings and methodologies. (For the Seminar Program)

Leading Research at the College and Creating Frameworks for Cooperation

Beginning in 2012, the Research Authority has organized an annual conference entitled “Incline your Heart toward Insight – Spheres of Research at Kaye College.” The objective of the conference is to serve as a platform for the research activities at Kaye College. The conference is geared toward the teaching and education community: the College faculty and students, faculty members from other teachers training colleges in Israel, teachers and principals from schools in the southern region and members of the Ministry of Education, as well as groups and communities involved in education and teacher training. In 2012, 61 presenters and 150 participants took part in the conference. The Research Authority held its second conference on March 18, 2013. This conference included a new sphere of research dedicated to the study of sports, which was of interest to faculty members from Kaye College, researchers from all over the country and students studying physical education.

Organizing Conferences

At the Research Authority’s initiative, two research networks were formed that bring together researchers from different programs and disciplines. The first network studies the development, transfer and dissemination procedures related to pedagogical innovation at the College. These are expressed by incorporating a project-based learning approach in teaching the courses. For additional information.

The second network includes six researchers from the Bedouin and Jewish sectors who study the influence of the College on the empowerment of Bedouin women. For additional information. The framework of the research network facilitates an exchange of knowledge and information and critical discussions, in addition to support and encouragement for its members. The network members jointly submit grant proposals to research funds, as well as proposals for presentations at conferences.

Leading Intercollegiate Studies

In the age of globalization, educational institutions and teacher training programs strive to connect with colleagues from other institutions, as well as to follow new trends in their field. The Research Authority cooperates with researchers at other teacher training institutions in Israel and worldwide.

Research Authority members are participating in an intercollegiate study entitled “Adapting Educational Colleges to the 21st Century: Planning, Implementation and Assessment.” The study is being conducted by the Information Technologies at Educational Colleges Research Network. Six Israeli educational colleges are participating in the study, as well as researchers from Australia and Russia. (For Details) This study is sponsored by the Ministry of Education’s Administration of Teacher Education and the Mofet Institute’s Research Authority.

In 2012, Professor Walter Allen from UCLA in the United States was a guest at the College. As a result of the professional relationship that developed during his visit, a new research network was founded, sponsored by Mofet Institute’s Research Authority. Two of our faculty members are active members of the network’s research efforts: Professor Anat Keinan is the network coordinator and Dr. Chaya Kaplan is a member of the network.

Leading International Projects

In adition to its involvement in several joint international research projects, The Research Authority has been part of an international projects supported by the European Union’s Erasmus Plus Fund. A project we were involved in between the years 2012-2016 was entitled IRIS – Fostering Academic International Relations in Israeli Colleges to Promote Education, Research and Innovation. The purpose of the project is to boost Israeli colleges by enhancing their relationships with international institutions of higher education in the fields of education, research and innovation. There are 15 institutions participating in the project: seven Israeli institutions and eight European institutions. Currently. the The Research Authority is involved in a new Erasmus Plus project entitled IN2IT, which aim is to effectively address the need for internationalization in higher education institutions (HEIs) via an innovative approach.

Publicizing Significant Information Related to Research

The Research Authority provides the faculty members with updates regarding significant events in Israel and internationally – conferences, seminars and learning sessions. In addition, it publicizes information about calls for proposals by research funds and scientific journals.

Exposure for Faculty Publications

The Research Authority organizes exhibitions for books written by faculty members and a book of research abstracts published in scientific journals.

There are two units at the Authority: the evaluation unit and the research committee.

The Evaluation Unit accompanies educational projects, as well as following the implementation processes of various initiatives at the College and the surrounding educational institutions.

The Research Committee offers assistance to researchers at the College, such as research grants, funding for conference participation and payment of publication expenses.

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