Dr. Liron Ohayon-Shokty, Head of the Department
Dr. Liron Ohayon-Shokty, Head of the Department

The English Department

The Department of English at Kaye Academic College of Education offers a program that includes a wide variety of courses in English Language and Linguistics, English Literature and Culture, Literacy and Language Teaching Methodology. The aim of the department is to train teachers of English for elementary and junior-high schools.

The program consists of four years of studies, after which graduates are awarded a bachelor of education degree (B.Ed.) and a teaching license. Major emphasis is placed on practice teaching in schools and student training. Already in their second year of studies, students undertake fieldwork in schools (elementary and junior-high) under the close supervision of the pedagogical training staff.

Our major goal is to graduate professional teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) with extensive knowledge of the English language and pedagogical knowledge who are up-to-date with the latest research in the field and devoted to their work with pupils in schools.

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Video produced as part of our department's participation in the Music in Common (MIC) 

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Annual English Department Days

The English Department holds a special day each year. It provides an opportunity for our students to showcase their projects in the various courses they are taking and for students and staff to have a nice joint gathering. The program typically also includes talks by the southern district Jewish and Arab sectors English inspectors and a talk by a representative of the U.S Embassy. Below are some pictures taken from previous annual Days.

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Annual English Department days

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