The President’s Message

The President’s Message

Professor Lea Kozminsky

Kaye College is an academic college of education that is one of the leading Israeli colleges in the field of teacher training. It is a multicultural academic institution dedicated to quality educational training and characterized by academic excellence, personal attention to students and extensive community involvement.

Education is one of the foundations of a society’s ability to grow. As an institution devoted to education, Kaye College is committed to developing our society and stimulating change. While the teaching profession is challenging, it is also one of the most important professions. Teachers have the power to contribute to their students’ quality of life, intellectually challenge them, enrich their worlds and nurture their characters. Educational advancement will enable populations in various communities to acquire a high quality education, leading them to self-fulfillment as contributing members of society.

Kaye College offers programs toward a Bachelor’s in education (B.Ed.) and a teaching certificate, Master’s programs in a variety of fields and a large system of professional development programs open to thousands of teachers and other teaching professionals in the Negev’s educational system.

Every person who is involved in education can influence society and shape the next generation. Kaye College seeks to develop its international connections with other academic institutions in order to connect with diverse people and places. Together, we strive to advance quality education that is adapted to 21st century needs and founded upon values such as equal opportunity, multiculturalism, excellence and partnership. Our faculty is devoted to research and to changing the face of society, and our students seek to view themselves as part of the global world.

We invite and welcome academic collaborations.


Professor Lea Kozminsky

President of the College

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