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The School for Teacher Education – B.Ed

Kaye College offers a B.Ed. program in education combined with a teacher's certificate.

Students major in a variety of subjects: Humanities, Science, Math, English, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Physical Education, Art Education and Informal Education, starting from Early Childhood Education up to High School.

Teacher Education at Kaye College involves a number of innovative approaches: the integration of 21st century expertise in teaching and in field experience, Project-Based Learning (PBL), and the integration of the Professional Development Schools method (PDS) in both the Jewish and Bedouin sectors.

The School for Teacher Education regards the college as a tool for improving preparation and training of educators, of exercising quality control of the educational system in the Negev, and for encouraging involvement of students and teachers in school and kindergarten activities.

Dr. Esti Fairstein, Head of the School

Ms. Dina Ben Yaish, Head of Teacher Education Programs

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