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In August 2023, a delegation of students from Kaye College and Oranim College will go to Uganda in cooperation with Helpup.
As educators, the members of the delegation chose to engage in everything related to improving the learning conditions of boys and girls. Initiated by Kaye Student Body, and Shvilim Program for ulternative teaching with the environment.
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Impressions from the conference in Milan

By:  Bruria Taub & Meital Cohen

Bruria Taub:

After a direct flight to the airport in the streets of Milan, I traveled directly to the city center in accordance with the instructions and maps sent to us by the organizers of the conference in advance.

I was greeted with smiles and handshakes, and soon I met other lecturers and students who participated in the project.

After a brief introduction by the conference organizers, we were divided into discussion groups according to the various courses. In the discussion group I attended, there was an interesting discussion about the course's conduct, advantages and disadvantages, and recommendations for improving the content and forums of the course.

During the discussion, interesting points were raised by students from different countries regarding some of the modules that were not accessible to them because the content contradicted their belief / ideology and discussed whether the lack of accessibility contradicts the subject of multiculturalism.

The idea that the students themselves give feedback about the course they participated in was wise because it gave the lecturers an additional perspective from the students and they were also able to see the changes that followed the course.

Meital and I presented a presentation on the content of the course in which we participated and in which we tried to convey other aspects of the subjects that were learned and how we took the messages to our personal aspect in our lives.

Meital Cohen:

Participation in the conference as a supplementary part of the course we have passed is of great value to me. The online course itself was interesting and important, but since the subject of the course is knowing and accepting the other, there is great significance to meeting on the scale of a conference abroad.

In this special meeting I was privileged to meet diverse and interesting people, students and lecturers. It was fascinating to know the people behind the execution of such an extraordinary course. I was pleasantly surprised by the openness of the lecturers who expressed a genuine desire to hear the feedback for preservation and improvement, in order to make the course the best. I was pleased to take part in improving the course and to speak with Bruria in front of the current conference, where we could freely share group and personal insights that we took with us from the course.

It was a successful conference that will not be forgotten!

Thank you for the experiential and teaching opportunity.

Our reflection on the trip abroad – Milan, Italy.

Ahlam, Katya and Calanit


In the framework of the course "English for Internationalization Purposes (EIP) of In2IT project, we participated in the conference in Milan, Italy at the end of June, on 25-27 June 2018. The conference was fascinating, interesting and fruitful. It was a unique and empowering experience that gave me the opportunity to meet new people and develop my communication, social and initiative skills in general and my language skills in particular. In addition, it gave me motivation and inspiration to keep on track. The conference was significant since it combined learning with new experiences, communication with different colleagues from abroad, students and project members in a foreign country. I truly enjoyed and gained from it!

In addition, we had the feeling that our ideas and thoughts are important for the course members. We discussed the In2It International course that we took. The discussions had contributed a lot both, the students who took these courses and the lecturers. We definitely enjoyed our visit in the Universita Catolica. Moreover, we acquired many new tools that will definitely be useful for our future, especially as teachers.

This experience was a great chance to practice our oral proficiency and to use solely English to communicate with others.

We are very thankful that we got this opportunity and it was very helpful for us in many levels.


I had the opportunity to participate in an international conference at Milan, Italy. For me, it was the first time that I had a chance to speak in front of a multicultural audience.

I had the feeling that my feelings and thoughts are really important for the course members. We had discussions about the In2It International course that we took. The discussions had contributed a lot both, the students who took these courses and the lecturers.

I enjoyed my visit in the Universita Catolica, I acquired many new tools which will definitely be useful for my future, especially as a teacher.

I want to thank for this wonderful opportunity that I have been given!


For me, it was the first time abroad. I had the chance to live various experiences and I presented in the In2it conference in Milan, Italy, not once but twice. I also got the chance to meet people from other countries and interact with them. Moreover, this trip helped me to become more confident and acquire important skills.

This experience was a great chance to practice my oral proficiency and to use solely English to communicate with others.

I am very thankful that I got this opportunity and it was very helpful for me in many levels.


Impressions from the conference in London

By: Haviva  Vshach, Nofar Naugauker, Klil Ben Zion, Lior Binman

We are grateful for the opportunity to attend an international conference in London. Getting to London was a fun and enriching experience. Participation in the conference allowed us to meet people from different countries and cultures, but mainly people who study and are interested in different fields of knowledge.

It was very interesting to hear about their field of expertise and to get different perspectives on the project we carried out during the course, studies and the business world and entrepreneurship in general.

The participation in the conference contributed to us in understanding the importance of reflection and thinking about what is being done critically, while providing possibilities for improvement. IN2IT's courses are unique courses that allow for diverse learning, using technologies and requiring "out of the box" thinking and creativity. Also, during the course we took part, we were exposed to a different area of ​​interest (from entrepreneurship) and learned about the connection between entrepreneurship and education. In addition, we learned about the importance of working in a team, even when it is done in a virtual way, and on the variety that enables optimal work and production of a high quality product

The Acton was an experience in itself – through which we learned about managing time and working under stress, sharing roles and managing work, taking into account the needs and limitations of the group members. In addition, the conversations we conducted in English with the lecturers and the students certainly contributed to the sense of security and fluency in the English language and it was very enjoyable to have conversations in English. We greatly appreciated the stay in London and the participation in the conference and we appreciate the opportunity to travel to London to represent the College and Regav in particular.

university of exeter

By: Yaarit Uzan & Yarden Buskila, 3rd Year Students of the Special Education Program, Kaye College

We had the privilege of participating in the international seminar which was held at Exeter University in England between March 11 and March 25, 2018. We were sent to represent the College as part of the PROTEACH project, which is one of the European Union’s Erasmus Plus programs. 6 teacher-education colleges in Israel partner in this project:  Kaye College, Beit Berl, Seminar HaKibutzim, Talpiot, Sakhnin and Gordon, as do 4 European universities: Salzburg – Austria, Exeter – England, Tallinn – Estonia, and Bucharest – Romania. The Teacher Education Induction unit, led by Dr. Haya Kaplan, partners in this project. We participated on behalf of the Special Education program, headed by Dafna Linker-Govrin, which operates in cooperation with the Teacher Education Induction unit at the College. Partners from the College staff included Dr. Haya Kaplan, Dafna Linker-Govrin, Dr. Abrahim Alvadore, Dina Shchada, Dina Ben Yaish and Anat Kessler.

The purpose of the seminar was to introduce new methods of teaching and learning in English. Our facilitators at Exeter were Dr. Karen Walsh and Dr. Brian Sami, along with other staff members from the university who escorted us professionally and contributed to our feeling of belonging to the group and to the place. We sampled a variety of workshops and heard lectures which incorporated peer learning (student representatives and lecturers from Israeli colleges and European universities). We acquired important tools and information that contributed, and will continue to contribute, much to us as students of teacher education. We visited different educational facilities in Exeter, ranging from early childhood education to high school; for early childhood education, we were hosted by a kindergarten called “Exwick Heights,” while for high school education, we were hosted by a school called “Newton Abbot College.”  We learned the idea behind the “school vision” of each institute, as well as the “guiding principles” by which the school is run, in order to nurture students in various ways, based on the populations studying within it.

We focused on four topics over the course of our visit: 1) The personal and professional identity of the teacher – the teacher’s feelings in class and thoughts of how to improve in the future, 2) The teacher’s professional learning – lesson content, levels of thoughts, relation between lesson parts, and more, 3) The students’ learning – how did I behave as a teacher so as to foster communication and discourse with the students, providing students with feedback, encouraging and generating discourse in the classroom, 4) class management – the meta-skill of self-regulation, managing interpersonal relations and organizing the environment prior to and while teaching, so as to cultivate learning conditions, a feeling of confidence and belonging in class. The connecting thread between all topics of study was replication as a tool for learning and for ongoing improvement. Focusing on all four of these different areas allows us to see how teaching style is expressed in different schools in England, and how education in Israel differs from that in England.

In the second week of the seminar, lecturers joined us from Israel and from various European countries. We shared with them the experiences we had acquired during the first week, and continued learning together by participating in workshops and lectures, while addressing the topics we had started studying in the first week. The presence of the lecturers contributed to enhance the seminar experience, thanks to the sharing of ideas between young students – tomorrow’s teachers, and lecturers with experience and rich insight in these fields.

At the concluding convention, we gave a presentation of the information we had gained from peer learning, from the various workshops and trips to schools. By the end of the two weeks we had gained much insight and many ideas to implement in future, improving and deepening our knowledge and practice as teachers

Impressions of the Trip to the International Seminar in Exeter, England
Impressions of the Trip to the International Seminar in Exeter, England

During the month of January, 2015, two foreign exchange students, Rafaela Zoter and Martina Garsel, visited the college from the English Department at Viktor Frankl University of Teacher Education (UCTE) in Klagenfurt, Austria.

During their visit, the students attended various courses from the English major curriculum and participated in teaching practice at Gevim Elementary School in Be’er Sheva. The students studied with their fellow English Department students and even taught a few lessons during the bi-weekly teaching practice.

The Austrian students were hosted by two students from the English Department, Hadija Washa and Mor Martziano.

Mor and Hadija, in turn, visited Klagenfurt, Austria in March of that year. They learned with the students in the English Department and became familiar with the teaching methods customary at the local schools.

Rafaela and Martina hosted them in return, in the form of ‘home hospitality.’ During their visit, Mor and Hadija participated in various courses taught in the English Department, visited a local school and even taught several lessons at the school.The students summed up their visit as a one-of-a-kind, enriching and empowering experience that contributed to them both professionally and personally and which they will remember forever.

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