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In 1996 & 2007 the College was the recipient of a special UNESCO prize for its outstanding contribution in promoting multiculturalism and co-existence.

Our goal is to provide students with advanced academic knowledge, broad practical experience, and competencies and skills to integrate themselves into the changing future of the educational system in Israel. At present there are 4.000 Jewish and Bedouin students studying in various college departments. Students earn a B.Ed. degree and teacher's certificate, for teaching from kindergarten to high school in a wide range of specializations (Humanities, Science, Math, English, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Physical Education, Art Education and Informal Education). Also, a pre-academic setting enables Jewish and Bedouin youngsters to earn the matriculation diploma.

The college offers five programs towards a master’s degree in education (M.Ed.): Educational Counseling, Learning and Instruction, Physical Education and Sports for Excluded and at Risk Communities, Education in the Era of Technological Information, and a master’s degree in teaching (M. Teach). Kaye College also functions as a center for research and for furthering professional development of teachers in the field. Our teaching staff implements pedagogical innovations such as Project-Based Learning, Experiential Learning, Site-Based Learning and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) integration in teacher education. In addition, the college offers various programs which include computer and cyber studies and pre-academic courses for Jewish and Bedouin students.

In 2013 an award was given to the Shachaf team (ACE-Active Collaborative Education, a teacher education program for university graduates), by the Ministry of Education, the Scientific Committee of the International Conference and the MOFET Institute.

Students at Kaye College study in a multicultural and multilingual environment. Joint courses are taught in Hebrew to Jewish and Bedouin students, parallel with courses in Arabic in the Bedouin department. This rich blend of cultures reflects the ethnic composition of the Negev. A unique coexistence course offers an intensive encounter between Jewish and Bedouin students who learn about one another’s culture and lifestyle.

Kaye Academic College of Education seeks to prepare teachers who will take the initiative and become leaders in their schools and in their communities, who can function in a multicultural environment and reach out to every one of their pupils.

Striving for excellence in education and placing high importance on research driven pedagogies, Kaye Academic College of Education offers professional support and academic opportunities for students and educators alike.

In view of these achievements, Kaye College was awarded the Be'er-Sheva Municipality Prize for excellence in the field of education.

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