The Special Education Department

The Special Education Department

The study program in the department of special education emphasizes an understanding of the characteristics of those with special needs throughout their lifetimes and recognition of their legal rights and our involvement with them as educators.

The special education department has adopted the policy of responsible integration, according to which “all pupils belong”. They are entitled to equal rights under law, to equal opportunities for developing a full life in school and in the community. This can be accomplished through a variety of services and support system within a framework of a positive educational environment, guaranteeing a sense of connection and belonging.

The college’s department of special education views the special education teacher as one of the central agents for change which aid the pupil in developing his abilities. The education program presents the college students with knowledge, concepts and approaches and strives to instill in the students a critical view and constant evaluation of the material studied visa avis their personal values and beliefs. In a similar manner the program equips students with tools which will help in the development of the physical, intellectual and socio-emotional abilities of the special needs pupils.

The information age and the state of present knowledge obligate the special education teacher to independent study and co-operative work in order to solve problems in situations of uncertainty, to design varied study environments, and to employ creativity in order to enhance learning.  Development of these skills is embedded in the educational program of the student of special education at our college.

The Special Education specialization, Kaye academic college:

Head: Dr. Gilat Trabelsi

The Special Education specialization in Kaye Academic College of Education is a specialty of the theoretical and practical studies that qualify, train, and educate students for varied applications in the educational field, especially in special needs programs. The studies are aimed at both Jewish and Bedouin students.

The final diploma and certificate we grant include:

  • A teaching certificate in regular and special education studies, ages 6-21 years
  • A B.Ed. degree

The curriculum includes three years of theoretical and practical studiesand  one  year of internship.

The curriculum includes theoretical general training courses in subjects such as special education, learning and teaching skills, strategies for learning and teaching, diagnosis basics, teaching and treatment, action plans, and customed training.

The academic studies are followed by pedagogical mentoring and field training programs.

The full concept includes courses in these categories:

  • Cognitive functioning
  • Developmental issues in language and communication
  • Specific characterization: S.L.D/ ADHD/ Physical and sensor disabilities/ Autism/ developmental cognitive disability/ psychiatric, social and emotive disorders, and gifted children.
  • Attention and Behavior
  • Accommodated (for all) and tailored (personal) teaching.
  • Law and Policies (including inclusive applications)
  • Life skills, techno-pedagogy, UDL, and mindfulness

The curriculum in the special education specialization is emphasized on understanding the function and inclusion of people with special needs.

The main goals are:

  • Developing Students who are lifelong learners and experts for special education and its needs
  • Encouraging creativity, universal designed learning (UDL), teaching online self-research
  • Focusing on wide knowledge and varied skills
  • Respecting heterogeneity and multi-cultural aspects
  • Conducting relevant, dynamic, actual, and dialogical education.
Ms. Yael sela chamny Head of Induction Team
Ms. Yael sela chamny Head of Induction Team
Dr. Gilat Trabelsi Head of the Program
Dr. Jamil Abu-Ajaj, Head of the Department in the Bedouin Sector
Dr. Jamil Abu-Ajaj, Head of the Department in the Bedouin Sector
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