Dr. Khaled Alsayed, Advisor
Dr. Khaled Alsayed, Advisor
Ms. Regina Benchetrit, Head of the Center
Ms. Regina Benchetrit, Head of the Center


Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities

ITAKA provides support and services to students with special educational needs. The students who benefit from the center’s services come from different departments at the college, and include students studying in advanced degree programs.

The students receive various services at the center, including counseling and problem-solving services from the coordinator of the center. Students are given personal attention as well as help with learning strategies. Private tutoring is also available at the center in the framework of the “Perach” program, through which students receive tutoring throughout the year from peers to help them develop their study skills.

Every year, workshops are held on cultivating learning strategies and coping with exam fright, during which students are provided with information and practice learning and coping techniques. The center is open to them during the day and they can make use of it to study in a quiet and friendly atmosphere. There is a computer room in the center with 14 stations equipped with assistive technologies and programs suited to the students’ needs.

Students may also be eligible to receive certain accommodations when sitting for their exams, in accordance with the results of a diagnostic analysis. For example, where appropriate, students can take exams in English at the center using a special text-to-speech program.

The aims and actions of the center are:

  • To provide personal academic and emotional support
  • To equip student with better academic tools and strategies
  • To guide faculty on effective ways to teach students with learning disabilities
  • To provide students with a test accommodation certificate

A special course in English for Academic Purposes is offered to help students who struggle with English. The center also offers counseling to Bedouin students on all matters related to their studies.

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