Tarshish – The School for Retirees

Ms. Bilha Treivish, Head of the School
Ms. Bilha Treivish, Head of the School

Tarshish – The School for Retirees

Named after Ms. Hana Blau, founder of the school

“I grow old ever learning many things.” These are the words of the well known Greek statesman, Solon. In the spirit of this quote, Kaye Academic College of Education runs Tarshish – The School for Retirees.

Tarshish’s philosophy, retirees teaching retirees, means that lecturers and students are given the opportunity to teach and study at an academic institution even after they have retired. Kaye College makes its facilities and teaching resources available to Tarshish, thereby promoting an appropriate and unique level of learning that suits the retirees’ needs. The school’s objective is to provide a learning experience for retirees in a relaxed atmosphere that is warm, supportive and friendly (without exams, papers or grades).

The curriculum includes a very diverse selection of elective courses and social and cultural activities. ParliamenTarshish is a program held every week that hosts guest lecturers from different disciplines. The school publishes the Tarshiton, a newspaper prepared by an editorial board composed of Tarshish students. At the end of the year, the Asif Ba’Tarshish exhibition displays the works of the students who participated in art courses. There is also an exhibition that showcases work done in the photography courses. The Land of Israel Studies course takes monthly trips, and once a year, the Overseas Studies course also takes a trip.

Additionally, Tarshish offers online courses, organizes museum and gallery tours as part of the Art and Artists in Israel course, tours of the Cinematheque as part of the Cinema course, musical meetings which are part of the Playing the Piano course, and concert outings during the Listening to Music course.

Tarshish was primarily founded by retirees for retirees, making it different than any other learning program.

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