The Center for Motivation and Self-Determination

Dr. Haya Kaplan, Head of the Center
Dr. Haya Kaplan, Head of the Center

The Center for Motivation and Self-Determination

Research and Application in Education

The overall objective of Kaye College’s Center for Motivation and Self-Determination is to further connect theories and research on motivation and self-determination to the practical manner in which teachers are trained, as well as to teaching and learning processes in the classroom and processes of change within schools.

The Center’s objectives are:

  • To train teachers who will be in tune with the students’ emotional-motivational world and who will have the tools necessary for teaching in a manner that supports motivation and self-determination.
  • To cultivate the school as an educational and emotional environment that is optimal for the students’ growth and the teachers’ professional development.
  • To advance wellbeing in the educational system and community facilities.
  • To formulate teaching and learning methods that are designed to develop the students’ internal autonomous motivation to learn and the teachers’ motivation to teach.

The Center opens its doors to regular schools, special education schools, elementary and high schools, in both the Jewish and Bedouin communities. The Center operates according to a broad systematic approach while also emphasizing unique, specific elements.

Every activity is accompanied by analysis and research that support the practical work.

The Center works together with community facilities such as community centers, psychological services and guidance counselors.

The Center for Motivation and Self-Determination at Kaye College works in conjunction with The Group for the Study of Motivation in Parenting and Education at the Education Department of Ben Gurion University of the Negev, headed by Prof. Avi Assor.

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