The Center for Sustainability and Environmental Education

Dr. Vered Yeflach Wishkerman, Head of the Center
Dr. Vered Yeflach Wishkerman, Head of the Center

The Center for Sustainability and Environmental Education

Kaye College believes that sustainability and the environment have much educational significance. Sustainability is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary topic that combines sharing information with an environmentally-sensitive lifestyle. It is an outlook and way of life that strives to achieve the environmental, social and economic needs of every person while preserving the right of future generations to achieve their needs as well.

The Center’s Objectives

The Center for Sustainability was established in order to enhance the ‘green action’ at the College and to provide a platform for topics of educational discussion about sustainability and environmental protection. The Center connects all of the different parties that deal with this topic (students, lecturers, administration) and members of the local communities.

These objectives will be implemented via several tracks:

  • Community track – Transforming Kaye into a leading educational model of practical and educational action and discussion on the subject of the environment and the community, for the teachers, students and residents of the southern region.
  • Academic-educational track – With the objective of leading the environmental education studies at the College by providing active, unique pedagogical demonstrations and examples.
  • Marketing track – To raise awareness among people in the educational system, potential students and the general public of the environmental activities that take place at the College.
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