Mr. Geoffrey and Mrs. Kiki Kaye

Mr. Geoffrey Kaye
Mr. Geoffrey Kaye
Ms. Kiki Kaye
Ms. Kiki Kaye

Mr. Geoffrey and Mrs. Kiki Kaye –

Loyal Friends and supporters of the Kaye College

Mr. Geoffrey and Mrs. Kiki Kaye are loyal friends and supporters of Kaye Academic College of Education, who had been generously and warmly supporting our college over the years.

The relationship between the Kaye Family and the State of Israel began with the establishment of the State when it was taking its first steps.

In 1954, their son, Mr. Geoffrey Kaye, visited Israel, and following a meeting with David Ben Gurion, Mr. Kaye decided in 1975 to establish a project that would not only serve as a memorial for his parents, but would also contribute to the country's future. In response to a proposal from the United Israel Appeal – Keren HaYesod, he made a contribution for "a magnificent building for a Teacher's Seminary in Be'er-Sheva."

In 1982, Mr. Geoffrey Kaye donated the main college building in memory of his dear parents Michael and Golda Kaye. The Gemma and Jennifer Kaye Biomechanics Laboratory was established by Mr. Kaye in honor of his two daughters. The Geoffrey and Kiki Kaye Student's Center enables students to study in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. The Natasha and Seth Hudson, Sophia and Lily Pears Gymnasium contributed by Mr. Kaye in honor of his grandchildren, are all components of the college campus.

In addition to these contributions to the physical fitness of the college, Mr. Geoffrey and Mrs. Kiki Kaye have established a scholarship fund for students. These scholarships motivate our students, encourage their professional development and contribute to the level of education in the Negev.

Thanks to the generous contribution of the Kaye Family over the years, the Kaye Academic College is a leading institution of higher education in South of Israel.

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