In Appreciation of our Supporters

:Our sincere thanks and appreciation for their support and generosity are extended to the following

Mr. Geoffrey Kaye and Family

The Pears Foundation

The Ministry of Education

The Jewish Agency

The Ministry of Public Security



The Sobell Foundation

The Ted Arison Foundation

The Bernard van Leer Foundation

The South African Zionist Federation in Israel

The Public Affairs Office, Embassy of the USA

The European Commission

The British Council


The Sacta-Rashi Foundation

The Hecht & Seltzer Mutual Fund

The Garry & Jerri-Ann Jacobs


The Ministry for Senior Citizens

SHEFI, the Ministry of Education

The Guidance Division for Discharged Soldiers

The Society of Advancement of Education

The Anti Drug Authority

The Anti Violence Organization


The National Lottery – Mifal HaPais

The Beer-Sheva Foundation

Dr. Adnan & Mrs. Hula Sa'adi

Dov Hampel

Mr. Leslie & Ms. Moozie Wolff

Mr. Malcolm & Ms. Paula Bowman

Ms. Leni Ehrenberg

Fredi Rose, of blessed memory

The Benjuya family

The Israel Commission for UNESCO, Ministry of Education

The Joseph S. and Caroline Gruss Life Monument Fund


Ruth and Eliezer Abrams Foundation

Start Up

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